Kids Disco Hire Exeter

We supply a superb mix of music fun and games to entertain the children throughout your party.

Our children’s disco is based on a 2 hour party and has been designed specifically for children up to 11 years.

You get all this included in the price:

  • Games & Competitions
  • Led lighting effects
  • Smoke Machine
  • Bubble Machine

You provide the venue

This can be a church hall, community centre, village hall, even your own home If you've got the space, we've got the disco!

Party Agenda

A normal disco consists of 45mins of dance routines, fun games and competitions Followed by suitable music while the guests break To have Food / Drinks / Birthday Cake 30 minutes (refreshments are provided by you). After the break it's more dance routines, fun games and competitions for 45mins.


The cost of a 2 hour party is £125 (plus travel expenses if necessary) Which includes the cost of all prizes Smoke Machine & Bubble Machine

Other Info

We aim tailor each disco to suit the birthday person and their guests (There is no limit to the number of guests invited). Parties are very different at each end of the age range and if children have specific songs or game they wish to play.

We will do our best to incorporate them upon request. We can also adapt our parties to suit the needs of children with physical or learning difficulties. Our parties are suitable for boys and girls.

We will not tolerate discrimination or prejudice of any kind.

All music played is thoroughly screened and we will not play songs we deem unsuitable for children.

School Discos and Prom’s

We also provide Music for school discos We feel we can provide children with a unique school disco experience.

Our school discos come as a complete disco entertainment package tailored specifically for school children.

School discos usually have a large number of children in a big hall and as such we supply a larger disco show

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Kids Disco Hire Exeter

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